My name is Wojciech Odrobina here in Ireland and I have been an architect for more than 20 years now. Two decades of experience made me one of the best architects in and outside Poland. My main field of specialization is in Architecture and Urban Design. Here are the Athlone Galway Road Housing Estate 15 no. residential Units if you want to explore one of my recent projects.


I joined the Institute of Technology in Cracow in 1993 studying Architecture and Urban Design for 5 years. I participated in the international student design competition “Solar Energy in Architecture” and won its prize with a commendation. I also have a master in Architecture science. I still learn every day from every project I manage and work on. I always say that hard work is the best teacher.

I started working on my first day at the Institute of Technology. During the period between 1993 and 1998, I developed my skills significantly. I graduated with great experience in 2D, 3D Drafter, working with Photoshop, ArchiCAD, and Artlantis Studio. I also designed, prepared, and cataloged all kinds of 3D models for buildings, interiors, and exteriors. Being that passionate during my studies made me who I am right now. I seek perfectionism in every project I manage. 


I have great experience in managing projects from start to finish. Even if you do not have the full vision about what exactly you want, we will walk through everything until completing the project. .


My experience includes coordination with other trades and working with the client and the construction team. We have the same goal and teamwork is what produces the best possible quality.


I have full proficiency in using ArchiCAD, Artlantis, and Photoshop. I can produce 3D visualizations, presentations, and brochures. I will let my work talk instead of me. Please check this project to have an idea about my skills.


My wide experience comes from designing and working on a wide variety of projects. I worked on private homes, housing estates, residential buildings, hotels, and multi-level car parks.

My experience does not stop at the level of houses because I worked on other specialized facilities. For example, I worked on several medical projects such as operating rooms and center of dialysis, commercial projects such as car showrooms, and sports projects (gymnasium).


Whatever your project is, let’s discuss it. I look forward to working on your projects and add it to my resume and my experience.




Wojciech Odrobina Ireland - Architecture runs in my blood. I love the idea of hearing how they picture their future home and making it a reality. The whole process from the idea, to the render, to the erase that add that, to the first nail. What is evening more amazing is how an idea can vary from person to person but the making is a team effort. Please take a look at my work. I offer many years of experience in architecture, 3d design.

The architect Wojciech Odrobina  is the professional who is in charge of designing, designing, directing the construction and maintenance of buildings, urbanizations, cities and structures of various types. His art is based on reflecting on concepts of living under social needs.

With more than 20 years of experience, specialized in urban design and planning, innovation and technology in architectural design.

If you are interested or need help and guidance for any project, the architect wojciech odrobina is fully available to advise and support you with his knowledge.

Some qualities of the architect Wojciech odrobina are:

* Expert in the sense of aesthetics and harmony.

* Creative and innovative.

* Skills of geometric drawing and space management.

* Work and collaborate as a team.

* Concentrate and pay attention to details.

* Be orderly and organized.

* Develop logical thinking and spatial vision.

* Manage interpersonal relationships correctly.

* Knowledge of sociology, culture and history.

* Be sensitive to human needs.

The architect Wojciech odrobina is the right person to advise and help you create the idea of ​​your next project or in the orientation of this, with the management of more professional programs such as AutoCad among others, Wojciech odrobina makes it easy for you to sell your project before being finished with its innovative third-dimensional renders.

Is an Architect that focus more on design than choice. This means that he would prefer to make a design that is stylish while useful. Rather designing something pretty but no use toit.

Wojciech has been a strong supporter of good urban design and development. Having  worked for years in this industry I know all the regulations and processes involved in getting things done right and useful. 1 of the main problems with this type of work is that they make it pretty but no useful. For example, they design and make a beautiful playgound but no one uses it because its not kid friendly. This means that kids can play because they games are too big, dogs are running around, not ready for flooding among other things.


Wojciech Odrobina is a huge advocate of doing things right from the start. Too many tax dollars going to waste because people don’t know how to say no to projects. One of the main responsibilities in urban design is functionality and making sure the design will be used. Many times you see parks in very busy areas where people can’t access them or you see other places where the water level is superior to grounds.


The best urban designs are done with autocad and then on paper. Many time the project has to be revisited to make sure its perfect with colors, style and more importantly functionality.

The architect Wojciech Odrobina is a person trained in the planning, design and supervision of the construction of houses, projects and buildings. Practicing architecture means offering services related to the design and construction of a building or a space within which there are constructions with the main objective of human use and occupation.

This is the maximum responsible for the design and construction of buildings, spaces where vital activities of man will be developed and relationships that they establish among themselves; In addition to protecting it, territorially organize the space where it lives and make it more comfortable, among other functions of no less importance


The Wojciech Odrobina Longford archititect is polished and detailed in its work, it provides a direct treatment to know all the client's requirements before starting with the project planning. This information known as a program or brief is essential to produce a work that concentrates all customer needs.
In addition to design and planning, wojciech odrobina is also responsible for dealing with laws, regulations and regulations on the construction of works, houses and buildings. Some regulations have to do with the preservation of historic sites, facades, loading and unloading limitations, limits on the height of a building, residential, commercial areas, hours allowed for work and related to the hiring of staff.


Wojciech Odrobina Carrick on Shannon is also involved in the preparation of paperwork and documents often coordinated or with information provided by other professionals from many different disciplines such as electricians, mechanics, plumbers, civil engineers, surveyors, surveyors among others, which together can create incredible things, forming a great team.


Wojciech Odrobina Longford has the technical and cultural tools in the field of space design that, with a sense of social and ethical responsibility, provide and propose the necessary strategies for the implementation of a creative proposal
Fully proficient in ArchiCAD, Artlantis and Photoshop. Able to produce advanced 3D visualisation, presentations and brochures.
Experience in design and work on a wide variety of projects including private homes, housing estates, residential buildings, hotels and multi-level car parks.

Modern Architecture:  It has been characterized by the simplification of forms, the absence of ornament and the conscious renunciation of the classical academic composition, which was replaced by an aesthetic with references to the different tendencies of the modern Art  As the cubism ,the expressionism , the neoplasticism , the  Futurism  and others.

Wojciech Odrobina Ireland — What is the purpose of the Architecture?

Wojciech Odrobina - Purpose of the architecture.

If you need help with the creation, planning and structuring of your project, wojciech odrobina architect with a specialization in urban planning and design is the perfect candidate to help you.


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