Wojciech Odrobina Longford Architet

Wojciech Odrobina Longford is a great architect with lots of experience in architecture and building industry. He started his career in Poland then moved to Ireland where he has been able to develop many different projects benefiting the community. His experience makes him the perfect man for the project.


He considers urban design to be a vital part in any community. Without proper planning the community cannot be as pretty as it should be or more importantly as functional as it should be. Urban design is such a strong part of the community because it’s the first thing people see and you automatically see were tax dollars are going to.


When a community is developed correctly you see the street page well you see the right traffic light, you see the right buildings, you see the right green areas, you see everything you need the right way. Part of good urban design is seeing where the city is going. This means that when studying the project you have to look 10 years in the future, look out for natural disasters that might occur, look for items that make a city important pretty.


Longford community development is beautiful from the ground up. You get to see some of the great things that has to offer community. From the get-go it was started in a way to really resemble beautiful architecture for community not just the building itself. Urban design was first priority.
Several years ago, he noticed a certain pattern in Longford: spaces in the form of paths or straight likes were cut right through the middle in public spaces.

There were many attractive illustrations but a lot of mismatches between good design and how someone could really use those such spaces.

Many municipalities normally react and apply desired lines in an ignorant way. Istead of using them they become effective lines in heavily used areas, lots of fences and decorated land that doesn’t allow pedestrians from walking there or using them.
Here are two important problems he see in urban design:

•    Many people or governments design a passageway or park based on visual effect rather the behavioral use of how people would use such a space.

•    Many people think that maintenance is usually dealt with people misbehaving or doing damage to property. This blocks things you wouldn’t expect like by physical damage or monitoring.

Some untold stories are the design and how they will be maintained as people act and adapt to these environments. We see these types of things in places that are all visual but no usable.
Ignoring physical appearance.




















Wojciech Odrobina Longford

Wojciech Odrobina Longford  says that , Here is a very important question to ask the urban planner. What do visual ordered designs and not well maintained systems have in common?

Many times they have lines or similar problems that can be harmful for the eyes or  just attractive but no useful, instead of it being functional.
Visually driven approaches are often done and promoted by certified officials, master planes, and by firms that do such work. You see many of these problems in renders or public spaces that don’t have traffic.

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