Wojciech Odrobina BIO

Architect with specialization in Architecture and urban design.

Wojciech Odrobina BIO is a native Irish born in 1974, from a young age he was fascinated by the big buildings and the construction of houses, later in 1993 he entered the university to study the Architecture Degree with a specialization in urban design at the Institute of Technology in Cracow.

Prodigious and participatory student in different events carried out always standing out for its innovation to design, thus competing in the International student design competition "Solar Energy in Architecture" with prize commendation - Distinguished.

In 2002 Completed National Examination of Administrative code and Building Law Membership of the National Chamber of Polish Architects and finally during 2007 it was Membership of Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland (RIAI).

The architect Wojciech odrobina is not only responsible for developing constructions based on their form and utility, but also follows aesthetic requirements applying their knowledge of urban design, thus making architecture one of the most beautiful arts.

Along his way, Wojciech Odrobina has gained considerable experience, which has made him stand out as one of the best architects in Ireland, designing spaces that serve as housing, as well as houses and buildings, always taking into account the large amount of precepts when developing projects, always making constructions in a safe way and respecting the terrain and environmental conditions.


Wojciech Odrobina has worked at ASE Design Consultants as a Senior architect, being in charge and in charge of large and small private companies such as the creation of family homes and apartments, including interior designs.
Later working with larger projects such as the creation of private and fractional houses, apartments, skyscrapers, swimming pools, shopping centers, hotels with more than 46 rooms, swimming pools and spas.

The architect Wojciech Odrobina, is characterized in his work for Supervising all the designs and being deeply involved in the work and construction of each Project, providing a warm treatment to the client or with the work owner, attends the regular meetings of the site with clients and representations of contractors, in addition to being organized and awarding several tender packages for all the main elements of the construction so that everything is in order and can proceed without any problem.


The architect with his pleasant specialization in urban design and 3D renderings, makes him an expert in the use of professional programs such as:

- ArchiCAD (Advanced)
-Artlantis Studio (Advanced)
-Adobe Photoshop (Advanced)
-AutoCAD (Basic).

With which you can provide an idea and a more precise notion to the clients of what will be your Project already completed, along with the finishes included, nuances of lights, either day or night and why not? a good interior design that will help the client visualize the project of their dreams.

If you need help either to generate an urban project or construction of houses or apartments, Wojciech odrobina architect with specialization in urban design, is the best option for you! Contact us and visualize the project of your dreams in our most realistic 3D quality renderings.


Wojciech Odrobina  is a licensed professional to work on the planning and design of buildings, as well as provide advice, both aesthetically and technically, on objects built in our public and private landscapes. But this definition barely scratches the surface of an architect's role.










Wojciech Odrobina

In addition to being an urban planning expert, Wojciech Odrobina manages and uses in almost all his projects what 3D Architecture is, which includes the creation of computer images from the available documentation (plants, views, cuts, sketches, etc.), managing to represent the design in a much more dynamic and impactful way and allowing a complete understanding of each of the interior and exterior spaces of the work.

Wojciech Odrobina works with innovative programs of last generation, with which it gives you a more in-depth perspective of how your project will be finished with models in 2nd and 3rd dimension, Leto in addition to the premeditated visualization gives you the opportunity to promote to sell your project without the need to be finished, and the client would have a better appreciation of this.

Wojciech Odrobina

Thanks to technological advances, different programs and applications have been created that allow the visualization of architectural designs in three dimensions, in a strange but really useful combination of architecture and virtual reality. The importance of this progress lies in the fact that, observing the same design from different angles and adding a new dimension, its weak points can be studied more easily to improve them. Said in this way it sounds very simple to become a university career, but the truth is that it is not.

Projecting the designs of the plan in this new dimension, with a panoramic view of 360 degrees, a greater perception of the proportions and spaces is acquired, facilitating the creation of works completely different from those we currently know. In a global world, which needs to improve its infrastructure in virtually every country, 3D Architecture is essential. From visualizing new forms of accessibility to creating innovative and functional designs for different purposes.

Wojciech Odrobina

If you need help with the creation, design and planning of your project, the architect wojciech odrobina  is the one for you, with his extensive knowledge he will have the facility to provide you with the best options and alternatives so that you have the project of your dreams at your fingertips.

The role of an architect is very important at every stage of the construction of the building, from the initial concept to the opening ceremony when the building is complete. Get advice with an expert visit Wojciech Odrobina

Wojciech Odrobina

Wojciech Odrobina

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